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Loris and the Lion Logo - Text reads: 'Loris and the Lion' written  in the style of a story book.

Loris & the Lion weave gentle tales of joy and loss; a patchwork of sonic delights to soothe the soul and feed the heart.

An alt-folk duo from Liverpool, navigating life together accompanied by: fairytales; folktales; lifetales; a piano; a clarinet; a harmonium; a guitar (often bowed); too many effects pedals; sometimes a tenor recorder; some homemade bells; many other instruments they haven’t discovered yet; a shared love of choral music; an insatiable appetite for tea; a general love of nature (especially trees when looked up at from beneath); Joni Mitchell (naturally); Kate Bush (a first love); love (a second one).

Calling to mind the sounds and spirit of  Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos and Jesca Hoop.

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