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Jorinde and Jorigel


Jorinde and Joringel

Jorinde & Joringel by Loris and the Lion - Digital Artwork that looks like an old fairytale book.

Jorinde and Joringel inhabits the world of fairytales and folklore, melding ancient stories, biblical allegories and personal histories with the post-modern condition.

The EP narrates themes and vignettes from the fairytale ‘Jorinde and Joringel’, an eery story collected and manipulated by Brothers Grimm where wicked witches and the wilderness of the forest conspire against two young lovers. It also draws on key aspects of other traditional tales, such as The Rose Tree and Hansel and Gretel, falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and getting lost in the Garden of Eden on the way.

"Criminally underheard" 

"Their music is filled with the most exquisite lyrics that are accompanied by fragile piano, swarming strings and gossamer melodies."

"The best art defines its own parameters by creating its own world where its very existence makes complete and total sense. Which leads us to the magical duo that is Loris & the Lion, who give us a musical invitation to enter their world with their debut EP Jorinde and Joringel. Six tracks of otherworldly and metaphysical perfection, a truly delicious set of songs, pure contemplative sonic majesty. Thank you for taking the time to perfectly craft these compositions. Truly astonishing."


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